Romy Heezen New York fashion week

​"When the incrowd was dancing on the glittered floor of Studio 54,​​

when Andy Warhol was calling out the superstars of New York, ​

when T-shirts of the band were worn by actual fans, and style was exclusive."

Lady Derringer is a high-end T-shirt line created by filmmaker and designer Romy Heezen. ​

Inspired by the art and fashion in the chaotic New York City streets, Romy started making her own shirts to fulfill a need to wear something different and exclusive. After great enthusiasm from her surroundings Lady Derringer was born.

Combining the laid-back Amsterdam attitude with a heavy dose of New York fashion edge results in a collection of effortlessly cool shirts that fit the street styles from Paris to Tokyo, from London to LA, from the red carpet to the walk of shame.
Lady Derringer uses quirky prints, bold cuts and high quality materials to create must-have
T-shirts for taste-makers, artists, and the girl with a cocktail in her hand and confetti
in her hair.

All collections are strictly limited edition. Only 500 pieces per design are made, each label individually numbered by hand, making every single edition a wearable piece of art. New unique designs are added each season.​​​